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Transaction or Transformation?

Emily, Morgan and I are having a great learning experience in Haiti.  We are about to go on a long hike to visit some remote borrowers near the Marigot branch on the south coast.  I nearly complete with a blog post written yesterday that includes three very short videos (under one minute each). 

Photo below is the Okay Branch signboard and behind it you can see the signboard of another microfinance institution branch right next door.  Fonkoze is the market leader but it is a competitive market, which should benefit the poor.  But as you will see, and as we saw yesterday, Fonkoze is unique in its commitment to providing many human development services along with microfinance.  For Fonkoze, microfinance is about transformations, not just transactions. 

Okay Branch Signboard with Competitor Signboard Behind

It’s great to see the “digital street team” for my book project growing — now up to 23 people, including a few complete strangers!

The traffic on this blog is growing fast.  The number of views the last four days has gone from 4 to 46 to 63 to 97.  Let’s break 100 today!

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