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Addendum to “Haiti’s Leadership” Post

In my rush to complete and publish the posting on the Social Performance Task Force (SPTF) and so forth, I left out a few sentences somehow. The first few included reference to the fact that Fonkoze’s fingerprints were all over the “universal standards for social for social performance management” in ways that I did not mention elsewhere. For example, Leah Nedderman Wardle, the former director of Fonkoze’s social performance unit, is the deputy director of the SPTF and as such her experiences at Fonkoze certainly helped shape the standards.  Natalie Domond, Leah’s Haitian-American successor at Fonkoze, also participated in working groups involved in crafting the six standards and the 99 essential practices they encompass.  Appropriately, both Leah and Natalie were at the meetings last week in Jordan to witness the final outcome of their efforts.

Later in the blog I had meant to add, when writing about the human resource challenges that Fonkoze has, that the institution’s inability to keep people as talented as Leah and Natalie working in Haiti for more than a couple of years was emblematic of what Fonkoze is up against.  Conversely, it makes one appreciate the commitment and sacrifice of a handful of hardy people — whether expatriates or Haitians with the option to work internationally in gentler environments — who have served with Fonkoze in Haiti for long periods.

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