Heading to Haiti

Tonight my wife Emily and I are packing up for a big adventure — nearly two weeks in Haiti to learn more about how Fonkoze is successfully providing microfinance there, in the most difficult conditions imaginable. 

For me, this is about preparing to write a book about Fonkoze’s journey, people, setbacks, and impact.  For Emily, a public health professional, it is about learning about how microfinance and health interface in the field, and perhaps also understanding at a deeper level what I have been doing since I landed in Bangladesh in 1988 as an idealistic Fulbright Scholar hosted by the Grameen Bank

Joining us will be Morgan Nelson, a high school senior whose parents are great friends of ours.  She started a microfinance club at Key West High School last year and raised nearly $2,000 for Grameen Foundation, mostly doing car washes with fellow club members (in between setting school records for 5k runs on the cross country team, getting advanced placement credits, and much more!).  

Our trip has been organized with great care by the team in Haiti, including Linda Boucard first and foremost.    We are humbled by the accomplishments of Fonkoze and the people of Haiti since the earthquake.  We are intending to see, and tell, the unvarnished and not always uplifting stories of the people in and around this incredible institution.  We will be posting blogs, videos, photos — technology and connectivity permitting.  Follow our journey this summer (as I will be back during the second half of July also).

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